The Top 5 Celebration Cigars for Special Occasions

Whisky with a cigar

For many people, smoking a cigar is associated with a special occasion, perhaps a wedding, major birthday, or get-together with friends and family. Cigars are often given as gifts to celebrate an achievement, such as a new job or graduation.

We believe that it’s not just a cigar that adds a special something to these occasions, but a prestigious Cuban cigar.

If you have a special occasion coming up, let us know and we will help you find a cigar that will make it even better and more memorable.

Wherever you decide to light your cigar, at the races, at the golf course, at a party, at your wedding, at a stag do, or simply celebrating anything you choose, it will create great memories.

Winston Churchill famously called his cigars his ‘bestest friends’ - we couldn’t agree more!

He was always accompanied by his favourite Cuban cigars (Montecristo N.2, Romeo y Julieta Churchill, Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchill and Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill).

Those Cuban cigars followed him to dinner parties, meetings, and strategy sessions and are forever associated with achieving victory against the odds.

For many, cigars symbolise lifestyle, success, enjoyment, and a life worth living. Even more so when shared with friends and family.

Smoking a cigar might not be an everyday activity for everyone, but when you do partake, it is sure to be a special and memorable moment. Celebratory cigars usually come packaged in tubes, making them easy to carry, store, as well as a stylish gift.

A light to medium strength Cuban cigar is a great option for a gift for a celebration. However, it all depends on the occasion and the recipient, and we’ve also recommended fuller flavoured cigars for weddings, golf games or stag parties and other special occasions.

Our top 5 recommendations for celebratory cigars are:

  • Montecristo Petit Tubo
  • Cohiba Siglo III
  • Partagas Serie 4
  • Montecristo Edmundo
  • Romeo y Julieta N.2

These are all classic cigars and are popular sizes from the Habanos family. All are light to medium flavoured with elegant depth and length.

These cigars can be accompanied by alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks; their aroma and taste will generally develop over the time they are enjoyed.

We always have these five cigars in stock, and we keep them super fresh in our walk-in humidors