Snuff is a smokeless tobacco made from pulverised ground tobacco leaves. It is inhaled through the nose and it delivers a pleasant mixture of nicotine and a flavoured scent which is blended with the tobacco. Snuff has is origins in America and supplied to the world and Europe since 1600. The selected leaves of tobacco follow a special tobacco fermentation process which reaches the traditional blend.

“Fine snuff” have a variety of scents and blends such as spice, fruit, floral and mentholated or medicated. Snuff comes in a vaste range of aroma, texture and moistness. Snuff are tobacco & nicotine based blends which are ideal in confined spaces to enjoy like weddings, travelling, socialising events etc. where smoking isn’t permitted. There is also a range of tobacco-free snuff “Pöschl Weiss White” made from glucose powder and herbs. This is an alternative for those who wish to avoid nicotine or reduce its intake.

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