• Cuban Cigars
    Cuban Cigars
    Cuba is famous for many things, be it salsa, rum, dance, but arguably Cuba’s best known export is cigars. Cuban cigars are held in extremely high regard and here at Taylors Tobacconists... » Read more
    Getting the right technique when smoking a cigar is essential if you want to extract the most rewarding flavours from the premium tobacco leaves.
    Both Cuban cigars and those from the rest of the... » Read more
  • Whisky with a cigar
    For many people, smoking a cigar is associated with a special occasion, perhaps a wedding, major birthday, or get-together with friends and family. Cigars are often given as gifts to celebrate an... » Read more
  • With the approach of one of the most exciting festivities of the year “Halloween”, many customers are asking Taylors Tobacconists if we have a Cigar that will match the mystery and intrigue of the... » Read more
  • The Best Cigars Beginners Should Try
    While the cigar world is full of experts and connoisseurs, it is also welcoming to beginners, who are often more open to new trends and can enjoy learning the art of cigars.
    We welcome many beginners... » Read more
  • Photo by @kriztheman
    The summer is a time of year when most people in the UK look forward to relaxing, taking a holiday, and spending time with family and friends in the sun and by the sea. It brings us that sense of... » Read more
  • Pass the cigar
    Photo by Valiant Made on Unsplash
    Cigars and cigarettes are two separate and very different tobacco products.
    We will guide you through the main characteristics for both of them, bearing in mind that... » Read more