We stock a vast range of hand-rolling tobacco and Pipe tobacco in our Brighton shop or online.

Our best sellers are loose hand-rolling tobacco and loose pipe tobacco.

Rolling tobacco is fine cut and unflavoured, whereas flavoured tobacco or pipe tobacco is rough cut. Although many people also roll with flavoured loose pipe tobacco.

More than 50 distinctive flavours of tobacco are available to our customers stimulating the imagination and allowing them to select exciting combinations to be enjoyed.

All our tobacco is stored in first-class sealed containers to guarantee freshness and maintain the natural aroma of our products.

A wide range of Pipe tobacco can be found at our store for all types of smokers – aromatic, nonaromatic, and all cuts of tobacco – ribbon, cut, flake cut, plug and shag cut.

The natural tobacco American Spirit and Pueblo blue or Pueblo Classic are among our best sellers. These are additive-free, loose hand-rolling tobaccos that are 100% natural.

We also stock tobacco-free solutions such as Greengo and Honeyrose. Herbs and spices are used to make these tobacco substitutes, allowing them to be tobacco-free.

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