We stock a wide range of lighters and lighter brands for all of your needs and requirements.

We carry Zippo, ST DuPont, Porsche, Lamborghini, Dunhill, Colibri, Clipper, Cartier, Xibar and many more among our most popular lighters.

Lighters with different flame types are available in the store or online from classic standard flames to the fancier jet flames, double and triple jet flames, as well as petrol and butane lighters. Replacements are always available in the shop or online.

We only sell lighters with the highest performance and reliability, and we offer a customer guarantee for the quality of all our products for complete peace of mind.

The lines of our lighters combine true innovation and craftsmanship with sophisticated design.

We sell lighters suitable for different tastes and preferences, making them a perfect gift idea to match the style of someone special.

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